Videos made by students, for students

The countdown to the HSC is on and Year 12 have been revising for weeks.

Every subject. Every class. For over a month. And they still have a few weeks of pretty intense study before their first exam. The challenge is to keep it interesting.

My students have been watching my videos all year as part of our flipped classroom, so why not get them to make their own?

Each student brought to class a past HSC question that they couldn’t figure out. We folded them up, put them in a tub and mixed them up. Then they each picked out someone else’s question, worked to figure it out and made a video explaining it.

Some students set their laptop up in front of a whiteboard and filmed with the webcam.

Others borrowed my document camera.

And some wheeled a whiteboard out into the garden and used their phones to film each other.

They had an absolute ball. They were completely engaged struggling with difficult questions and making sure they understood them well enough to explain them to their classmates.

Definitely on my list of revision activities for next year.



1 thought on “Videos made by students, for students

  1. This is a great twist on the idea of having students make videos. In my classes I’ve only gone so far as having them explain a concept – HSC Syllabus dotpoint kind of thing. But this is brilliant, not only are they expressing ideas and sharing their thought process, they’re also having to really push themselves.
    Well done!

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