FlipCon Australia


Last weekend I spent an amazing few days at the first ever FlipCon Australia – a conference all about flipped learning. I was there for two days and came home feeling inspired to improve may teaching after meeting so many great teachers including the pioneers of flipped learning, Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams.

I’ve been flipping my year 10 class since the start of the year by recording videos explaining the content for students to watch at home, and spending our class time working through problems, working in groups and investigating concepts.

But the way I’ve making videos isn’t sustainable. I’m only flipping one class and there’s no way I could flip all 5 classes with this method without burning out.
The problem was that so far I’ve been doing this on my own. At FlipCon I met some brilliant people and found out what they’re doing in their classes and how they’re doing it.

I came home with so many ideas of how to improve what I’m doing so that I can flip all of my classes next year.

The first thing on my wish list is a lightboard. I’m in the process of talking to my school about the possibility of building a lightboard studio to film all of my videos. Fingers crossed.

I also want to plan everything for each topic before it starts so that in the first lesson I can give students an overview including learning goals (syllabus points), resources (videos, worksheets, etc), extension tasks, and assessments (topic tests, summary books). Students will then have an end date by which time they need to be able to show me that they have learnt the content. I think this more self-paced approach should help students to manage and take ownership of their own learning.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again at FlipCon AUS 2016!


2 thoughts on “FlipCon Australia

  1. Great reflection Heather. Our maths teachers are really keen on the light board too! Let us know how you go building yours and if we make any progress I’ll be sure to share.

    • It looks absolutely amazing! I’ve just started writing the proposal so it might be a while before I get anywhere with it, but I’ll keep you posted and I’d love to hear about yours.

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