My Flipped Classroom

At the start of this year I decided to flip my year 10 classroom. It’s been a pretty steep learning curve and it’s taken a lot of time and effort but I’m so incredibly happy with the outcome. I feel like my time with this class is used so much more effectively and the feedback from my students has been overwhelmingly positive. I stand in my other classes waiting for students to copy down notes and can’t help feeling like we’re wasting each others time.

The flipped classroom is a broad concept that can look different in every classroom. So what does my flipped classroom look like?

  1. I make a video in Explain Everything (maximum 10 minutes) and upload it to a folder in Google Drive that all my students can view.
  2. My students watch the video at home before the lesson and take notes in their books.
  3. Students then answer three questions that check their basic understanding of the content. I set each quiz up as a Google form and email the link to my students. Students also have the option to ask any questions they might have through the video.
  4. Before the lesson I read through the responses and gauge how well the students have grasped the content.
  5. The class can start in one of three ways:
    • If everyone seems confident with the topic I’ll get them to start on the exercises or activity straight away.
    • If there were a few students with different questions raised in the quiz responses I can talk to them one-on-one while others get started.
    • If it seems like a number of students have the same question or if a common misunderstanding has been highlighted in the quiz results then we run through a few examples or have a class discussion about the concept before getting started.

We’ve been flipping for six months now so I decided to ask for feedback from the people who matter most. I’ve shared some of the questions and responses below:

What benefits have you noticed with the Flipped Classroom approach?

  • A benefit from the flipped classroom approach is that it can sometimes leave more time for people to complete questions in class. It also gives us stepped out videos on the skills we learnt which is valuable when we come to study.
  • When I get to the harder questions in class I have miss to help where as at home I don’t have that opportunity for the help, leaving questions till the next session.
  • There are several benefits in regards to the flipped classroom, these include: being able to catch up on any work if you’re away
; really easy for us to go back and check things that we may have forgotten
; more time in class to do the exercises
; less homework
; allows us to ask Miss more questions

How could the Flipped Classroom be improved?

  • If the teacher could go through 1 example when we get into class just to refresh what we’ve learnt in the video the night before.
  • I don’t believe it can be improved as I think it is highly effective and a much better way of learning as it is. 

What other comments do you have about the Flipped Classroom approach?

  • With the introduction of the flipped classroom also came summary books – this have contributed greatly to the learning experience and are extremely beneficial when study for exams.
  • Miss Davis’ videos are very clear and straight forward which makes it easy to understand at home
  • I hope it continues throughout the rest of the year because it has been beneficial for my learning.
  • We should keep having the flipped classroom. ◕‿◕

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